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Multitenancy with Hanami and Sequel

Hi folks! Today I’d like to share the story how we built a multi-tenant app with Hanami framework. What we were trying to achieve is to have a single application instance, but to separate the data per each country we were hosted in. For example, to run a single server with an app that would serve requests from, & Let me say in advance that we made it working :)

Denis Kondratenko - 09.06.17 multitenancy, sharding, hanami, sequel

Using Hanami with Webpack

Here, at Elixirator, we had a major rework for one of our projects. We were moving project’s backend from Rails to Hanami as part of this task. The Rails application had a mix of the javascript code, including vanilla JS, Coffeescript, JQuery and React. The final goal was to get rid of all extra dependencies, and use only one approach for writing frontend code - React.js.

Vladimir Dralo - 01.06.17 hanami, webpack