Some facts about us
Some facts about us
Proven fullstack engineers
Our teams are cross-functional and customer-oriented. We have started our first project in 2015, since then we've never lost a single customer due to performance or low quality.
We are right next to you
Timezones are not the issue. We working globally and have customers from Europe, North America, and Asia. We always find the right time to talk to answer your question or discuss a new idea. We like to visit our customers and engaging customers to come over to work back-to-back with us and celebrate our victories together!
We are Agile practitioners
We don’t set process just because of the process. Scrum, Kanban, XP, Kaizen, we know that may fit your project the best to deliver the working solution and satisfy the investors. During the engagement, we give project oversight and suggestions on what processes could be simplified or improved.
We love working with startups
Build-Measure-Learn. That’s how Eric Ries defined at his Lean Startup. Let’s validate your idea by building some light-weight MVP in short terms! We already helped startup from Belgium and the US become stable companies. Would you like to be next?

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Expertise and services
Expertise and services


We use modern frameworks and design patterns to deliver high-performing, adaptive and great looking interfaces



We about building software that streamlines business processes. We are professionals at Ruby and Node.js

Ruby on Rails
Node JS

Mobile Development

We build cross-platform apps built run on both iOS and Android. Simple MVP can be in your hands in a few weeks.

React Native
AWS Lambda

Audit and consulting

Having an idea but don’t know where to start? Let’s discuss and clarify the initial minimum set of business and functional requirements. We are doing competitors and market analysis, making sure your idea will make the right impact. In short terms we implement a POC for the application showing how the final product will work. Can’t measure the quality of your existing codebase, interested at expert opinion on what’s great, missing or could be improved? We have skilled engineers with more than 10 years of experience who can give you a full overview and project audit.